Hawaii’s Big Island is a grand work-in-progress of volcano goddess PELE. The Big Island is her home and PUNA is her workshop. Ever significant to Big Islanders, the volatile and tempestuous goddess builds as she destroys the very land we stand on. The HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK offers a comprehensive look at Hawaiian volcanoes and celebrates the community’s respect for Hawaiian history and the island’s geological and natural inspiration through its VISITOR CENTER, THE THOMAS A. JAGGER MUSEUM, and THE VOLCANO ART CENTER. The galleries at the VOLCANO ART CENTER feature the exquisite work of local artisans in wood, ceramic, glasswork, prints, jewelry, painting and sculpture. The sugar industry flourished in PUNA for nearly a century with Olaa Sugar Company and Puna Sugar Company as an economic base. These have now been replaced by flourishing flower nurseries and papaya farms that export tropical flowers and fruit to the world and continue to support the small towns of PAHOA and KEAAU despite the demise of sugar.The Puna district has been physically growing in land mass with new lava fields created by the PUU OO vent’s continuing activity since 1983. The KALAPANA shoreline area bears witness to the recent lava flows which have made new “black sand” beaches while destroying old ones.